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So the other day I disclosed to my friends that I owned a blog. Of course I didn’t tell them what it was called– that would be the end of me! But the reaction was as expected, surprise and tickled amusement.

This experience made me realize that I take pride in blogging even though I haven’t attracted a single viewer since my last post (actually I haven’t checked the stats since my last post, so who knows, maybe a lone wanderer stumbled by during this 2 month hiatus). Blogging has become a new, digital diary for me–sort of. Of course I haven’t disclosed great amounts of information about my personal life yet (and probably never will). No, instead blogging is a way for me to have  a conversation with myself in an extremely indirect way. Moreover, it’s helpful to be able to develop my writing and voice.

In other words, I’m glad to be blogging again, and for those of you who have lost interest in it for a while, perhaps this blog may have spurred ideas of what blogging may mean to you.


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Can you trust Public Library users?

I am in a library. I just logged into this computer (with my own username and password, how cool am I?) and logged onto gmail, checked email(s), logged onto facebook, checked messages (I have friends), and logged onto this baby, and decided impetuously that I needed then and there to go to the bathroom. I didn’t want to spoil my hard work of opening so many tabs, and I didn’t have time to log out of everything, so I decided, reluctantly, to keep everything open for the public to see and possibly hack into. In addition, I left my purse- brown faux leather, sturdy structure, magnetic opening, free with purchase- completely open on the ground. I know what you’re thinking, and believe me, I am thinking it too.

So I return from my trip and frantically flip through my belongings, grasping my cellphone from the bottom of the bag, sorting through my keys and hearing that satisfying clink! sound, and flipping through the tabs to make sure my password wasn’t mysteriously changed or screwed up. My trip away from the computer was an success! Perhaps people are more respectful than we could have imagined!

Anyways, today I have written a few things in my notebook. I find that I am having a love-hate relationship with this stack of paper. Although I am enamoured with the big spiral binding, which ideally should allow the user to flip from one page to the next with ease, it seems to get caught and I can’t close the book properly with the cover lying flat across the top. As much as I am irritated, I must persist, and this is what I have written in it today:

closing paragraph

future research- what will happen next (history)

want research in closing

” currently” instead of “today”




no pronouns, make title page, may leave pronoun in thesis statement, also this these that is not allowed.

Last # on top right–> don’t forget!

I continue on with my chicken scratch- not only is all of this illegible, but even when legible, makes absolutely no sense! Allow me to explain. I just got out of my college writing class and forgot my big notebook where I keep my usual notes. So, as you may have guessed already, I destroyed this notebook with scribbles and weird symbols and the usual. Today we discussed closings for history papers, which apparently must connect to the present or future research (which I was not aware of, perhaps you can put some input into this?) Now I have to cram this paper in tonight or tomorrow as I should also be working on my French homework (you will soon discover that I love writing in French… heh heh). Until next time!

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