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I froze. I was surrounded by green- green trees, bushes, stems, my mom’s raincoat- and what caught my eye was more green. But this green was iridescent, mint, and unearthly. It rested itself on a low evergreen branch, and upon closer inspection, my father and I discovered it was caught on one of the pointed leaves. My father delicately loosened one of its wings and the butterfly flew off.

I never knew what that thing was, but I was always enchanted by the experience. Sketches of this creature filled my childhood drawings. Today, I encountered one again.

I realize this post will receive absolutely no views because it’s not about the upcoming American elections or coffee, but here I am foolishly typing it onto my screen.

In fact, if I really want some viewers I should start specifying my blog (instead alluring people with the thin promise I posting something “everyday!”).

I want to dedicate this post to something beautiful that happened today. I discovered a box in a building that was going to be demolished (they let us in the take anything we wanted) and it was filled with a lifetime of passion. From the information I received (which wasn’t much at all) a man was doing this either as an occupation or a hobby (most likely a hobby). He collected moths and butterflies and preserved them in little glass boxes. He recorded the exact date, latin name, and gender of each specimen. There were hundreds in that box from places ranging from New Jersey to Mexico.

I got to keep some. Yes! Seriously, best day of my life.

But what was even better was that I finally discovered what the thing I encountered years back was. Though the color of it has faded to a light cream and the body is a tad disintegrated, I found out that this creature was in fact not a butterfly, but a Luna moth. A truly great find!

Have you found any treasures lately? I sure have!



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