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The Kooks

From the title of the post, you can probably tell I’m a little confused. Let me tell you why.

I always wonder-sincerely- what kind of music guys listen to. My first and best guess would be music sung by other guys/men. I mean, no one really thinks of men listening to Britney Spears for their enjoyment. In fact, if Britney Spears was fat, wrinkly, and bald (hm…) I’m pretty sure her fan base would plummet to just my dad. But then I think of other male singers like the Kooks (male band actually). When I think of the Kooks, I think of a large demographic of under aged fan girls. Don’t get me started on Justin Bieber and fan girls.

So, where do men fit in? I suppose they’d go for the more unknown indie bands (I know, my best guess) or metal bands or hard rock or screamo bands. But then again, there are some (most) guys who are actually normal people who deserve and want to listen to normal music. I know some listen to pop music, but come on, who do know listens to exclusively modern pop music and is a genuine music enthusiast?

let me narrow down the question: what do musical guys listen to? Guys who actually have an ipod they update themselves and guys who actually search for music unique to their preferences.What do you think?

In conclusion, guys listen to the same music girls listen to. Why can’t a guy listen to¬† Britney Spears? Guys can do whatever they want! If they want to listen to sappy acoustic music (yuck) then they can gopher it. It is dangerous to generalize an entire group of people and identify one or two genres they like to listen to. People are complex and we should never generalize them.


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