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Embarrassment, shyness, blushing, and politicians. These are the things I think of when I think shame. But most of all, I think about the title of my blog which claims enthusiastically “A Fantastic Post Everyday!”

According to the information provided by my dashboard, the last time I posted was in August 2, 2011. Since then, thanksgiving, christmas, new years, overseas catastrophes, and Rick Perry making a fool of himself has occurred. And trust me, these events didn’t happen in the duration of one day.

So yes, the actions of my blogging have contradicted the purpose of it (which is reliability, certainty, and fantastic-ness). So in that respect, I apologize to all my viewers (about three of you)

Looking into the future, I will definitely be posting more. You ask, will I be posting daily? Most likely not, but as the saying goes, quality over quantity am I right?

So until the next post, I say adieu. I truly and deeply love all of you and I hope we will one day meet again.

Good night


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Slowly making my way into the coffee world.

I’ve never thought of myself as someone with many pet peeves. I was wrong. Today I had myself a mocha chip milkshake (I know, slowly making my way into the coffee world) and decided that fake coffee was indeed delicious! Must I remind you how hot it was today and how refreshing a nice, cold, beverage is? I quickly gulped down the remainder of my milkshake when I discovered something at the bottom. OH MY GOD. chocolate chips!!!! I had been wondering where the “chip” part of the “mocha chip milkshake” was, and now I have found it. But this got me wondering: why did it take this long to discover the chocolate chips? Why was this necessary? And the answer is: it’s not necessary, this is an outrage! As I start sucking on my straw a little more, I realize, these are not chocolate chips- these are chocolate CHUNKS! I know, crazy. So basically, I was disappointed that my straw was not big enough to suck up the chunks and the shake was not thick enough so they all sunk to the bottom anyways.

But here’s the pet peeve: Since I’m always at the library (where I am right now…) and since I have been drinking this shake in the library, you can imagine how quiet it is. I hate it when I get to the bottom and there’s still a substantial amount of shake left and I try to suck it through the straw, but it makes a loud sound and it’s so embarrassing! Ok, well here you have it, maybe you can offer a way to avoid this but still get every drop of delicious mocha chip shake (including the CHUNKS) left.

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Recounting my restaurant experiences

Hello. Good to see you today. This is my third post and I have been slacking. sort of. Allow me to explain. Today I sat at home wasting time and watching War and Peace based off of a large, Russian novel and starring the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Thus, as you may have already concluded, I did not write in my notebook. Things like this happens, and will happen in the future. Here’s how I will compensate.

Last night I dined with my friends at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) which is a nice restaurant. Blatantly, it is just ok. But here’s what I compiled from that restaurant about what my restaurant pet-peeves. Herewegoooooo:

1.) Bread and Butter Temperature: We’ve all encountered this one. Firstly, the bread MUST be warm, or at least room temperature. Secondly, the butter must be room temperature, which it seldom is, and not hard or god forbid, embedded with ice particles. Otherwise, you can’t spread the butter evenly onto the bread and sometimes you get an awkward clump that digs into the bread and seriously ruins your appetite.

2.) Paper Coasters: Don’t get me started, just… ugh. Paper coasters are the worst. Let me tell you why! Let’s pretend, hypothetically, you order a glass of water. The glass of water (with a lovely lemon wedge!) arrives and you enthusiastically make way it. The waiter kindly lays down a coaster in front of you. No problem right? But here’s where the horror happens. She places the water on top of the coaster, and the condensation drips and STICKS to the paper coaster, leaving you with a mini accordian when you go and pick up your cup (if that coaster happens to be a folded napkin in square form). What an awkward and annoying situation this would be during a date! Please restaurant owners and managers reading this: DITCH THE PAPER COASTERS! and buy decent plastic ones.

3.) Paper Straw Wrappers: These babies will keep your straws nice and sanitized, but imagine what would happen if you left them in the hands of hungry, bored customers? Absolute terror! First we would roll them up, the shred them, then play magic tricks with them, then use them as fake snow and guess where all those little pieces of straw wrappers go? On the floor, for the next customer to walk on, especially if the floor is carpeted. Advice to restaurant people: take those wrappers away immediately after your customers are done with them!

4.) THE DILEMA: Here’s a problem I always need to deal with. I almost finished with my plate of pasta (I can finish an entire supersized plate of pasta) but there’s a decent amount left. Do I a.) finish it, because I’m not completely satisfied or b.) take it home because if I eat more and can’t finish it, there’s no point in boxing it. The answer is up to you!


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