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So the other day I disclosed to my friends that I owned a blog. Of course I didn’t tell them what it was called– that would be the end of me! But the reaction was as expected, surprise and tickled amusement.

This experience made me realize that I take pride in blogging even though I haven’t attracted a single viewer since my last post (actually I haven’t checked the stats since my last post, so who knows, maybe a lone wanderer stumbled by during this 2 month hiatus). Blogging has become a new, digital diary for me–sort of. Of course I haven’t disclosed great amounts of information about my personal life yet (and probably never will). No, instead blogging is a way for me to have  a conversation with myself in an extremely indirect way. Moreover, it’s helpful to be able to develop my writing and voice.

In other words, I’m glad to be blogging again, and for those of you who have lost interest in it for a while, perhaps this blog may have spurred ideas of what blogging may mean to you.


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I am a struggling blogger. I’m struggling in multiple ways. Let me define these ways.

First of all, I NEED some coffee. If it were up to me, I would have dedicated this entire post coffee (again!) and how I need it or I’ll die miserably. But thankfully for you, I have some self-control. I care about my readers. That’s right, I get on average 2 readers a day (and you best be jealous) and I have a feeling most of them are spammers.

This brings me to my second point: I have no readers. What is with you guys? Who are you out there? Do you actually like what I write or was this trip to my (well-written) blog an unfortunate accident? These are questions hard-working bloggers like myself ask all the time, and some of you readers need to address these questions! We work hard, coming up with smart ideas for posts (most of the time) and even writing quite regularly! So do us all a favor: comment! I want to know you’re there! And feel free to link your blog.

Until next post!

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