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Slowly making my way into the coffee world.

I’ve never thought of myself as someone with many pet peeves. I was wrong. Today I had myself a mocha chip milkshake (I know, slowly making my way into the coffee world) and decided that fake coffee was indeed delicious! Must I remind you how hot it was today and how refreshing a nice, cold, beverage is? I quickly gulped down the remainder of my milkshake when I discovered something at the bottom. OH MY GOD. chocolate chips!!!! I had been wondering where the “chip” part of the “mocha chip milkshake” was, and now I have found it. But this got me wondering: why did it take this long to discover the chocolate chips? Why was this necessary? And the answer is: it’s not necessary, this is an outrage! As I start sucking on my straw a little more, I realize, these are not chocolate chips- these are chocolate CHUNKS! I know, crazy. So basically, I was disappointed that my straw was not big enough to suck up the chunks and the shake was not thick enough so they all sunk to the bottom anyways.

But here’s the pet peeve: Since I’m always at the library (where I am right now…) and since I have been drinking this shake in the library, you can imagine how quiet it is. I hate it when I get to the bottom and there’s still a substantial amount of shake left and I try to suck it through the straw, but it makes a loud sound and it’s so embarrassing! Ok, well here you have it, maybe you can offer a way to avoid this but still get every drop of delicious mocha chip shake (including the CHUNKS) left.


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