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Story of my life


Here is what I etched into my notebook today (as I was out and about, unlike yesterday)

To Do List:

2nd draft of essay (which by the way will most likely be about this article:

French Homework (this is due tomorrow, and I haven’t started it. ahhh!)

piano (this should be on my list every week. I never practice even though I should if I want to be a master pianist!)

Now I am going to have my own blog to do list:

Posts I’m going to write

The art of blogging- the struggles I had (and still have) when starting a new blog

Top ten favorite songs/musical artists/etc… as I am a musician and artist myself!

In addition, I hope sooner or later to conduct an experiment (sort of). Ideally, I would ask a bunch of kids to draw a picture of God, in response to this video:

And generally, interesting articles, videos, etc…

so much to do, but at least I have some ideas/ direction! Unfortunately I can only post one thing a day (and so far I have been quite diligent!) So do check back everyday (probably every night/ afternoon) and hopefully you will enjoy my future posts.


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