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Firstly, I apologize for the somewhat inappropriate language. I can only hope my future employers and professors don’t discover this blog. I tried everything from,, and what wordpress offered me was to buy my own domain. I thought, no thank you, and decided upon this beast,, to express my frustration (and my immaturity)

Now, on with the show. You’re wondering, why should I be reading this blog, out of all the blogs this world has to offer? What is special about I can only offer one answer: the format. Although I have not read enough blogs to verify that my concept is completely unique (and mostly likely is not) but I can say for sure that you will thoroughly enjoy my perspective and often fresh posts (in both meanings of the word).

You see, I now keep a small spiral notebook with me everywhere I go. The cover is a decent hunter green plastic with the name “Staples” printed on the top half and the notebook fits nicely in the palm of my hand. This whole note taking business is entirely new to me- I have tried before and have failed- because for god’s sake, I’m an artist who does NOT appreciate organization (but this is soon to change, hopefully). You can say I want to take on a new perspective in life- and you are right, in more aspects than one. And so, I present my lovely blog, Will it take off? It’s up to you, so please do subscribe and check back for seriously entertaining (and genuine!) blog posts.


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