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So the other day I disclosed to my friends that I owned a blog. Of course I didn’t tell them what it was called– that would be the end of me! But the reaction was as expected, surprise and tickled amusement.

This experience made me realize that I take pride in blogging even though I haven’t attracted a single viewer since my last post (actually I haven’t checked the stats since my last post, so who knows, maybe a lone wanderer stumbled by during this 2 month hiatus). Blogging has become a new, digital diary for me–sort of. Of course I haven’t disclosed great amounts of information about my personal life yet (and probably never will). No, instead blogging is a way for me to have  a conversation with myself in an extremely indirect way. Moreover, it’s helpful to be able to develop my writing and voice.

In other words, I’m glad to be blogging again, and for those of you who have lost interest in it for a while, perhaps this blog may have spurred ideas of what blogging may mean to you.


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Ive neva really used the lingo used by our youngnuons these dayz, but Ive decided 2day 2 take advantage of that otherwise lost opportunity.

My little sister luvs 2 type like dis when she gchats with me. I decided b4 I judge her dat I might as well give it a go.

And I admit, it’s pretty convenient, but it’s something 2 get used 2. It is not the kind of language u want 2 use when u want 2 scream 2 the world “I’m not a preteen!!!!” but if dats wut u’re goin 4, I’m not stopping u!

So I dare u, give dis a try the next time you post somethin on ur blog. Consider u tagged!

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I froze. I was surrounded by green- green trees, bushes, stems, my mom’s raincoat- and what caught my eye was more green. But this green was iridescent, mint, and unearthly. It rested itself on a low evergreen branch, and upon closer inspection, my father and I discovered it was caught on one of the pointed leaves. My father delicately loosened one of its wings and the butterfly flew off.

I never knew what that thing was, but I was always enchanted by the experience. Sketches of this creature filled my childhood drawings. Today, I encountered one again.

I realize this post will receive absolutely no views because it’s not about the upcoming American elections or coffee, but here I am foolishly typing it onto my screen.

In fact, if I really want some viewers I should start specifying my blog (instead alluring people with the thin promise I posting something “everyday!”).

I want to dedicate this post to something beautiful that happened today. I discovered a box in a building that was going to be demolished (they let us in the take anything we wanted) and it was filled with a lifetime of passion. From the information I received (which wasn’t much at all) a man was doing this either as an occupation or a hobby (most likely a hobby). He collected moths and butterflies and preserved them in little glass boxes. He recorded the exact date, latin name, and gender of each specimen. There were hundreds in that box from places ranging from New Jersey to Mexico.

I got to keep some. Yes! Seriously, best day of my life.

But what was even better was that I finally discovered what the thing I encountered years back was. Though the color of it has faded to a light cream and the body is a tad disintegrated, I found out that this creature was in fact not a butterfly, but a Luna moth. A truly great find!

Have you found any treasures lately? I sure have!


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Embarrassment, shyness, blushing, and politicians. These are the things I think of when I think shame. But most of all, I think about the title of my blog which claims enthusiastically “A Fantastic Post Everyday!”

According to the information provided by my dashboard, the last time I posted was in August 2, 2011. Since then, thanksgiving, christmas, new years, overseas catastrophes, and Rick Perry making a fool of himself has occurred. And trust me, these events didn’t happen in the duration of one day.

So yes, the actions of my blogging have contradicted the purpose of it (which is reliability, certainty, and fantastic-ness). So in that respect, I apologize to all my viewers (about three of you)

Looking into the future, I will definitely be posting more. You ask, will I be posting daily? Most likely not, but as the saying goes, quality over quantity am I right?

So until the next post, I say adieu. I truly and deeply love all of you and I hope we will one day meet again.

Good night

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The Kooks

From the title of the post, you can probably tell I’m a little confused. Let me tell you why.

I always wonder-sincerely- what kind of music guys listen to. My first and best guess would be music sung by other guys/men. I mean, no one really thinks of men listening to Britney Spears for their enjoyment. In fact, if Britney Spears was fat, wrinkly, and bald (hm…) I’m pretty sure her fan base would plummet to just my dad. But then I think of other male singers like the Kooks (male band actually). When I think of the Kooks, I think of a large demographic of under aged fan girls. Don’t get me started on Justin Bieber and fan girls.

So, where do men fit in? I suppose they’d go for the more unknown indie bands (I know, my best guess) or metal bands or hard rock or screamo bands. But then again, there are some (most) guys who are actually normal people who deserve and want to listen to normal music. I know some listen to pop music, but come on, who do know listens to exclusively modern pop music and is a genuine music enthusiast?

let me narrow down the question: what do musical guys listen to? Guys who actually have an ipod they update themselves and guys who actually search for music unique to their preferences.What do you think?

In conclusion, guys listen to the same music girls listen to. Why can’t a guy listen to  Britney Spears? Guys can do whatever they want! If they want to listen to sappy acoustic music (yuck) then they can gopher it. It is dangerous to generalize an entire group of people and identify one or two genres they like to listen to. People are complex and we should never generalize them.

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I am a struggling blogger. I’m struggling in multiple ways. Let me define these ways.

First of all, I NEED some coffee. If it were up to me, I would have dedicated this entire post coffee (again!) and how I need it or I’ll die miserably. But thankfully for you, I have some self-control. I care about my readers. That’s right, I get on average 2 readers a day (and you best be jealous) and I have a feeling most of them are spammers.

This brings me to my second point: I have no readers. What is with you guys? Who are you out there? Do you actually like what I write or was this trip to my (well-written) blog an unfortunate accident? These are questions hard-working bloggers like myself ask all the time, and some of you readers need to address these questions! We work hard, coming up with smart ideas for posts (most of the time) and even writing quite regularly! So do us all a favor: comment! I want to know you’re there! And feel free to link your blog.

Until next post!

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I have a job interview today. It’s in 15 minutes, so I better type faster! Like I am before EVERY interview I have, I am quite nervous. But there is nothing to be nervous about! You have already sent in your resume so the interviewer is clearly impressed with your qualifications! Now you just have to show him you can carry a conversation (which you can!) and you can talk about yourself with confidence. Confidence is key, but don’t sound artificial. Be as ‘you’ as possible, because you are unique and worth it for the job! Go put some professional clothes on (no jeans, no sneakers, personally blazers are beast) and for the ladies, put your hair up and wear simple make up. Just look like you’ve made an effort and that you take the position seriously!

Check list


-professional clothing + hair+ makeup

-eye contact

-showing up on time

-firm hand shake (which I have discovered to be a regular handshake with a firm grasp, not shake!)

-project voice


-look interested

-be eager to talk about yourself



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